Hi there!


I'm J.D. of the Brookshire.  No, I'm not a hobbit but I am an actor.  I do enjoy playing hobbitesque roles that are energetic, lighthearted, comic, and childlike.  I have a fondness to portray characters that have a sense of innocence about them.  I also enjoy the flip side to that which are dark and edgie traits.


Like a hobbit I love food!  I enjoy cooking immensely.  My specialties are turkey meat lasagna, eggplant parmesan, and chocolate chip pie.  Yum Y'all!  I have a sense of adventure and an admiration for travel.  I find learning about other places, people and cultures is the lifeblood for an artist.  That quality demands a respect for others and creates a sense of well roundedness.  These are qualities that have helped me prepare roles in the film Limbo which was selected to go to the Cannes Film Festival.  Or the role of the financial advisor I played in the movie Almost Paris which went to the Tribeca Film Festival in April of 2016.  Which can now be purchased on Hulu, I-tunes, Fandango, Amazon and Cable on Demand. 


My latest film project Howard was completed in February of 2019.  It is a fascinating true story about two mormons who fall in love and how they navigate through a maze of challenges.  That love is so strong and so pure it proves to be a reason why love is a reason to breathe. This role, the role of Ben is by far my most favorite character I have ever had the blessing to portray. This project directed by Zorinah Juan and produced by Pat Labez is a dream come true for an actor who wants to tell a story.  Being a part of this project was like being part of a family.  The central theme and element in this story is love.  The people involved in this project became as they say in Hawaii, my ohana.  They are truly my film family and I am so excited as this film project makes its way out of the gate. In March Howard was shown privately to the investors and sponsors in Arlington, Virginia. Stay tuned as I will be updating what is going on with this project. 

On June 6 through June 8, 2019, I will be portraying a Russian Activist in a play based on the book Global Gay.  You can purchase tickets at La Mamma the experimental theater in the east village.  Last year my dream of being in the show All My Son's came true and this year my dream of performing at one of my dream theater's is going to happen in just a few short weeks. 


I have a love for all types of sports such as Soccer, Snowboarding, Snowskiing, Waterskiing, Wake Boarding and Swimming. 

In addition to my love for those sports I am also a writer.  I am writing a television show called Hamptonitis. It is a comedy that is a cross between Arrested Development, Portlandia, and Modern Family.  My writing team and I are entering the New York Television Festival in June of 2019 for the script writing portion of the competition.  


My intention is to always live in the present but allow the past to teach me valuable lessons so I am equipped to handle whatever the future might hold in store.  I look forward to whatever role might present itself to me in film, television or theater especially in my home of New York City.


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