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    Contact: Robert Blume - Step Forward Entertainment 646-522-5870  or

     Hair: Bald     Eyes:  Blue-Green     Height:  5'10"      Weight:  170lbs 


       Howard                                       Lead                Joyko/Sitting Cat Prod.  Dir:  Zorinah Juan

     Looking Up Again                    Lead                NYFA Prod.                        Dir:  Enubi Kwak

     Riding In Cars With Boys        Supporting     Columbia Pictures            Dir: Penny Marshall

     Almost Paris                              Supporting     Robot & Alb Prod.             Dir: Domenica Cameron-Scorsese

     Limbo                                         Supporting     1 Block North Prod.          Dir: Thomas Ikimi

     Reunion                                      Supporting     Susan Gorrell Prod.          Dir: Phil Donion

     Don't Call Us                              Supporting     Ducks In A Row Prod.      Dir: Zack Ordyneons

     Tangled Web                             Supporting     Moga Prod.                        Dir: Morris Ware Jr.

      Filling The Void                        Supporting     Radical Productions         Dir: Matt Corozine

     * Howard was in the following Film Festivals:  Pan Asian American, SOHO, and Widescreen

     * Limbo was in the Cannes Film Festival

     * Almost Paris was in the Tribeca Film Festival

   Web Series

     Tales From Da Ville - Episode Three        Lead         New Wave/Kino Prod.   Dir: Chris Williams

       *Tales From Da Ville went to the Following Festivals:  Newark, Prairie A&M, and Black Horror in San Francisco, CA


       Global Gay                             Lead               LaMaMa/NYC                                  Dir: Salvino Raco

       Life With Ike                          Lead               Open Hydrant Theater/NYC          Dir: Deborah Paulter

       Androcles & The Lion          Lead               Syracuse Stage/NY                        Dir: Michael Rogaliner

       All My Sons                            Co-Starring   Out of The Box Theater/NYC        Dir: Justin Bennett

       Self Generated Friction.       Co-Starring   American Globe/NYC           Dir: Domenica Cameron-Scorsese

        The Wonder Years                 Lead               Main Street Theater/PA                 Dir: Bill Mutimer

       Miracle on 34th Street.          Co-Starring  Out of the Box Theater/NYC         Dir: Lin Snider


      List Available Upon Request


    Bachelor of Science in Dramatic Arts      SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY

    Acting:    Matt Corozine, Jeffrey Zeiner, Salvino Raco, Peggy Lewis

     On Camera:  Bob Krakower, Kimberly Graham, Jennifer Rudolph, David Spaltro

     Improv: Peggy lewis, Donna Inglima

     Commercials: David Cady, Barry Shapiro


      Accents: British, Southern, Professional Swimming Trainer, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding,        Waterskiing (Slalom), Cooking, Soccer, Mountain Biking, Writer, USA Passport, 

      NY State Drivers License.         


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